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Ice Cream

Are you looking for Ice Cream for your Wedding?? We have it!
Choose from one of our Vintage Ice Cream Carts or Ice Cream Vans.

We provide Ice Cream for weddings throughout Cork, Munster and Ireland.Your guests will have a choice of 7 different flavours of fantastic scoop Ice Cream served from the Cart.

All Ice Cream will be served with a choice of flakes, sprinkles, syrup and marshmallows. Ice Cream from the Carts can be served in cones or tubs.

The Cart can be used at any time you wish, indoors or outdoors! See here for more detailed information on our equipment.

The Ice Cream Van will cater for your guests serving Ice Cream Cones (99’s). All Ice Cream from the Van is full dairy, Vanilla flavoured, soft serve. All Ice Cream is served with a choice of flakes, sprinkles and syrup.

For further information and prices please contact us.

Maybe you need an Ice Cream Van for a party? We have it!

If you're looking for an Ice Cream van for your party - look no further. Our vans cater for parties of all types throughout Cork and Munster - birthdays, communions, confirmations, you name it! Our aim is to cater for each event and customer with the outcome to be one of satisfaction for both parties and a hope that we can be of service to them again in the future.

We will stay for a maximum of 30 minutes at each party as we will have up to 50 guests served within this time. Also, the birthday boy/girl/lady/gentleman can have a picture taken in the van if they wish…makes for a different photo! For further information and prices please contact us.

Or perhaps you need Ice Cream for an event, school or company? We have it!

All of our Ice Cream Units are mobile, if you need an Ice Cream Parlour or high output unit then we can provide it and serve all customers quickly, efficiently but most importantly with a smile!

We have catered for many years for Cork Schools – primary and secondary – with our Ice Cream Vans. We love to hear the screams of happiness of 200+ pupils when they hear the jingle as the van makes its way through the school gates! For further information and prices please contact us.

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